National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA)

“What are Microplastics?” (watch on VIMEO, 4 minutes and 35 seconds, ages 14 and up)

Learn more about how the Howard Lab is researching the chemical characterization of microplastics polymers. Different plastics have different physical properties, different chemistries, and different toxicities. The knowledge of chemical composition of plastics is therefore important in the source identification, waste management, and understanding the impacts of plastics on the marine organisms.

The James J. Howard Marine Sciences Lab is uniquely situated in the Mid-Atlantic, on the Sandy Hook peninsula located about 12 miles from New York City. The primary mission of the Howard Lab is to conduct research in ecology, leading to a better understanding of both coastal and estuarine organisms and the effects of human activities on nearshore marine populations. Visit the Lab’s website to learn more.