Monmouth County Master Gardener

“Backyard Composting” with GardenSmarts | HouseSmarts (watch on YOUTUBE, 2 minutes and 25 seconds, ages 14 and up)

Backyard composting is a great way to use recycled material to enhance your garden. We spoke with a master gardener from Rutgers University to learn how to get started on making compost. Compost is made from green materials and brown materials, and combined they offer a lot of nutrients for plants. You can use compost for planting, compost for mulching, and compost for potted plants. So, give making your own compost a shot!

The Monmouth County/Rutgers Master Gardeners (and Composters) are volunteers trained and certified by Rutgers Cooperative Extension to provide educational programs and activities in support of environmentally responsible home gardening. To learn more about becoming a Master Gardener or to receive an application, please visit their website.