Marine Academy of Technology & Environmental Science (MATES)

“MATES & Project Terrapin” (watch on VIMEO, 4 minutes and 58 seconds, ages 12 and up)

In this collaborative effort between MATES members of Project Terrapin LLC, students outline Project Terrapin’s mission statement, the conservation work they do, and the future goals for Project Terrapin entering into the 2021 school year. Throughout the video, students discuss Project Terrapin’s outreach program, the BRD (Bycatch Reduction Device) Program, and their new Terrapin Garden program.

The Marine Academy of Technology & Environmental Science (MATES) is a specialized high school developed around the marine and environmental science theme. As an Ocean County Vocational Technical School, MATES is geared toward students who wish to concentrate their studies in the areas of math and science. Visit the MATES website to learn more.

Also visit the Project Terrapin website to learn more.