Clean Ocean Action

“Soak It Up” (watch on VIMEO, 4 minutes and 48 seconds, ages 10 and up)

Clean Ocean Action is excited to present “Soak It Up” – a lesson on slowing the flow. Watershed Mindfulness, simply stated, is the understanding that we are all (small and tall) connected to and responsible for our vast network of waterways that ultimately leads to the ocean. It is this awareness that builds the foundation for raising a generation of citizens who recognize this connection and responsibility and, as a result, are able to practice clean watershed habits!

Clean Ocean Action (COA) is a leading national and regional voice working to protect waterways using science, law, research, education, and citizen action. A broad-based coalition of 125 active boating, business, community, conservation, diving, environmental, fishing, religious, service, student, surfing, and women’s groups. These “Ocean Wavemakers” work to clean up and protect the waters of the New York Bight. The groups came together in 1984 to investigate sources, effects, and solutions of ocean pollution. What follows is a description of the network. Visit the COA website to learn more.